Can Census Information Be Used to Track Us?

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No! Census data is a tool of empowerment for our community. It helps build Black political power by determining how many votes each state receives to elect our president, and how many officials can represent our communities in Congress. It also impacts local government districts all the way down to cities and school boards.

Census data also determines funding for SNAP, unemployment, Medicaid, affordable housing, head start, and more.

By law, no one can use your census information against you. Not your landlord, or agencies like the FBI, IRS, probation, immigration enforcement- absolutely no government agency can access census data to target you and your loved ones. Taking the census is confidential and your information is protected by law.

It only takes 10 minutes to complete, but the data collected will determine the resources available to us for the next 10 years.

Be Represented! Your Count Matters.

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