Take The Census Now

Black communities have been disproportionately affected by national crises throughout history: Hurricane Katrina, the Great Recession of 2008, and now the Coronavirus pandemic. Our communities are hit the hardest and don’t get the bailouts or support that other communities receive. We must do everything we can to protect ourselves, now and in the future. Take the 2020 Census.

While we know the system is flawed, we still must be represented as we work toward a better future. Census data funds unemployment insurance, health care centers, Medicaid, affordable housing, and more.

The 2010 Census is impacting the current resources we get now for coronavirus testing, treatment and resources. In 2010 it’s estimated that Black communities were undercounted by more than 800,000 people. That means we don’t have our fair share of resources.

Take the census now. We can’t afford to not participate.

Be Represented! Your Count Matters.

Take The Census Now