Take The Census Now

Regardless of our nationality or background, we are all united by the Black experience in America. We are one People in our fight for liberation. We honor and celebrate the unique individuality and humanity of all Black people.

The Trump administration tried to impose a citizenship question on the 2020 census. We fought back and we won in the Supreme court! There is no citizenship question on the 2020 census, and federal agencies like the FBI, Welfare, IRS or immigration services cannot access census data to target you and your family.

When you take the 2020 Census, your personal information is completely safe. Under Title 13 of the U.S. Code, census data can only be used for statistical purposes, meaning personal information cannot be used against respondents in court or by any government agency.

Certain groups with an agenda want to put fear in our hearts to discourage us from taking the census. They know how much you count. Our communities cannot afford to have our political power erased and lose access to resources our loved ones need. Take action and complete the census now!

Historically, the Census has been used as a tool of white supremacy, and has denied political representation, public resources and recognition of dignity to Black folks. From the beginning of America’s “democracy” during the Census, our very humanity was ignored and we were counted as only ⅗ of a person.

The census’ impact on our communities is profound. It shapes everything! There is $115 billion per year in public resources at stake for California. Every 10 years the Census Bureau counts every person who lives in the United States. The data collected ensures investments of our taxpayer dollars for vital community services like colleges and financial aid, K-12 schools, emergency response, healthcare and hospitals, senior centers, and so much more.

When we unite with action, we gain access to the resources our loved ones and communities need to thrive. The census impacts us all, for generations to come. We must be represented!

Be Represented! Your Count Matters.

Take The Census Now